Kate Moss's Parisian Fur Overload

Posted by Chika On 5:00 AM
Out for Paris Fashion Week, Kate Moss certainly ain't out to woo PETA.

The model has been donning fur like it's going out of style the last few days. Normally Ms. Moss can't put a fashion foot wrong but what do you think of all her furriness?

Heading to the Prada party in the city, Kate wore a black mini with a furry vest, and ankle-strapped sandals.

It was her Isabel Marant coat with black sweater, jeans, and booties in some candids.

And a grey fur over a grey dress and matchy Louboutin suede boots as she headed out of her hotel.

Not sure SO much fur was necessary. What's wrong with a good old-fashioned cardi. Surely Paris can't be that cold!?

Pics from Zimbio

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